Gallmeyer Farms Is Closed Until Spring of 2019

Gallmeyer Farms has completed its 2018 growing season. We are closed until Spring of 2019 when The Berry Patch opens.
Please stay tuned to for news about off season honey sales during the winter months.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who persevered with us this season. Torrential rains during the spring left us with a strawberry crop that was seventy five percent decimated. Knowing our crop was not at its usual peak, you, our faithful customers, continued to support The Berry Patch by attending our free festivals and enjoying the experience of picking strawberries with your families. Many of you commented that, even though our strawberry pickings were slim, you treasured the family memories and forever smiles you experienced at The Berry Patch. Our corn season was impacted by yet more rain and finally our pumpkin season, wonderful in many ways, was marred by theft and vandalism.

A farmer’s heart and soul are kneaded into the soil. He understands, on an intimate level, that Mother Nature will have her way. A farmer’s mindset is to carry on, with grace and dignity, despite crop failures, economic uncertainty, and the baffling occurrences of those who choose to destroy and steal the very fruits of his labor.

But as our season ends and winter approaches, the farmer, and not just our own farmer, but farmers everywhere, prepare for spring with an open heart, an anticipation of good weather and a bountiful harvest. Even now, under the soil, the roots of plants sprout new growth, readying themselves for the return of the spring sun when they can stretch for the sky again.
We wish for you a restful winter. We wish for you a lovely holiday season. Thank you for being faithful customers and friends. See you in 2019!

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. – Albert Camus