The Berry Patch is OPEN DAILY 8am until 8pm with pick your own strawberries and free hayrides!

Free parking, free admission, free hayrides, free picnic and play areas!

Pick your own strawberries are $2.69 per pound
Pre-picked strawberries are $3.69 per pound

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The Berry Patch features the sweetest pre-picked strawberries and pick your own strawberries, spring onions, Gallmeyer Farm’s own local raw honey, kale and other homegrown spring vegetables. We’ve DOUBLED our acreage of the best tasting, juicy, red, delicious strawberries in Richmond, Virginia. We are serious. These are some gorgeous, tasty strawberries!

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Mark your 2016 calendars for our Gallmeyer Farms Strawberry, Gallmeyer Farms Sweet Corn and fall pumpkin harvest festivals! At Gallmeyer Farms it is ALWAYS FREE parking, FREE admission and FREE hayrides!

Gallmeyer Farms is a Richmond Virginia family farm, rooted in old fashioned, traditional methods and heirloom varieties. Taste and nutrition are what matters when it comes to what you eat, and what you feed your children.
We want to thank all of you who support Gallmeyer Farms at The Berry Patch, The Veggie Stand and The Pumpkin Patch. Without you, Gallmeyer Farms’ mission to feed the families of Richmond, Virginia and be good stewards of the Earth would not happen. We appreciate all of you.

“If it were any fresher, it would still be growing!”~ Anonymous