Closed for 2019

As we close our 2019 growing season at The Berry Patch and The Pumpkin Patch, we wish to express our thanks to those of you who choose to visit us year after year. Loyalty to our Gallmeyer Farms brand as new growing enterprises are entering the farm-to-table market (and we wish them all well!) warms our hearts. For over 150 years, Gallmeyer Farms has been dedicated to researching and growing heirloom vegetables so our customers can serve their families wholesome foods. We have supported other family farms as we source locally for The Veggie Stand. For 150 years, we’ve been dedicated to mindful stewardship of the land entrusted to us. We are farmers, and we take that role wholly to heart and soul.

To those of you who joined us for the first time this year, THANK YOU! Thank you for choosing to make family memories at The Berry Patch, The Veggie Stand and The Pumpkin Patch. In a world increasingly enamored with instant shopping and click therapy, it’s heartening to see new faces and new families experiencing our pick-your-own farms. To focus on walking, enjoying the fresh air, seeing where things grow, picking the growing things and (best of all) eating the growing things is indeed a rare and refreshing energy to experience. We understand the slow movement and embrace its tenants of mindfulness and patience. After all. We are farmers.

As our 2019 ends and those 2020 calendars fall into your hands, we ask that you remember The Berry Patch opens in May 2020 with three festivals scheduled during the month. In June we start stocking The Veggie Stand with all kinds of seasonal, summer fruits and vegetables. In July we celebrate our Sweet Corn Festival and in September/October we celebrate the opening of The Pumpkin Patch.

We are sending all of you best wishes for the upcoming holiday season and winter months.
See you at The Berry Patch in May 2020!