May 31, 2021

The Berry Patch & Wildflower Walk ARE CLOSED FOR OUR 2021 strawberry season.

The Berry Patch is a PRIVATE RESIDENCE. Please do not visit The Berry Patch when it is CLOSED.

A note from our Farmer’s wife Nancy! “As farmers we have years like this and when we are in a bad year we appreciated the kindness and patience of our customers. Mother Nature is something we cannot control and strawberries are very fickle to needing “perfect” conditions. Lets pray next year will be better!”

We’ll be moving to The Veggie Stand at 4506 Millers Lane, Richmond VA at the end of this week. The Veggie Stand is an open-air farm market and sells seasonal vegetables and fruit, many selections from local farm families. We also sell our specialty Gallmeyer Farms unpasteurized pure HONEY at The Veggie Stand. Our Gallmeyer Farms Famous Sweet Corn is the BEST and a highly anticipated event at The Veggie Stand!
We’ll announce opening day at The Veggie Stand on our facebook page