Gallmeyer Farms is closed for the 2020 growing season

We will see you again at The Berry Patch May of 2021

We’re entering the season of gratitude, appreciation and thanksgiving. With that in mind, we want to express our profound gratitude to our customers, families and friends for supporting our 2020 Gallmeyer Farms growing season. We’re grateful not just for the people who spent money at our enterprises. We are a destination that never charges a fee to visit and enjoy the simple things in life like fresh air, which seemed to be in short supply this year.

Amid the great tumult and confusion of 2020, the every day things of life we took for granted, disappeared. Hugging became harmful. Family gatherings were deemed dangerous. Businesses and schools closed. Jobs evaporated. Opinions caused rifts between friends and families.

In the middle of all the chaos, Gallmeyer Farms opened The Berry Patch albeit not like before. Farmer Steve decided we all needed a boost, so he created our free Wildflower Walk at The Berry Patch which folks flocked to. The opportunity to experience nature after being indoors was liberating and fed our collective souls. We opened The Veggie Stand and The Pumpkin Patch, all the while filled with gratitude, appreciation and thanksgiving for the opportunity to serve our community and families. 

Happy November dear friends. May you and yours be blessed this coming season.

May you experience the small, precious moments of living. 

May you know health, goodwill, love, understanding, patience, tolerance, and peace. 

May you find your heart overwhelmed with gratitude, appreciation and thanksgiving.