Photography at Gallmeyer Farms

We appreciate your interest in using Gallmeyer Farms as a photo shoot destination.

We love photos for our social media sites! We haven’t charged a sitting fee for photographers in the past in exchange for great photos and of course always give the photographer credit (if they have given us their information). We use these photos on our website and facebook page as well.

We also ask that you submit your farm photos to media sites as that helps us with our publicity efforts. Print publications generally prefer a 1200×800 image with people.

We don’t have a problem with folks taking photos as long as they do not impede or infringe upon the enjoyment of the farm by our usual customers and families. Our customers and families take top priority at The Berry Patch and The Pumpkin Patch.

Please be mindful that during our harvest seasons, we are VERY BUSY. Don’t block driveways, or otherwise impede the flow of traffic and farm vehicles. Watch for pedestrians.

We ask that you do not bring in set pieces like sofas, chairs, tables, signs, etc.

The Berry Patch and The Pumpkin Patch are private property.
The Berry Patch is only open May – early June.
The Pumpkin Patch is open from the last Friday in September through October 31.

We reserve the right to make sure photographs taken at our farms meets our family friendly criteria.

Photography at Wildflower Walk at The Berry Patch
Our Wildflower Walk has been a popular feature at The Berry Patch this year but the wildflowers won’t last forever! They are a natural phenomenon. Wildflower Walk is brand new and is a free attraction. It’s a way for us to give back to the community as our free festivals have been put on hold for the foreseeable future.

The Berry Patch usually closes around June 1 as the strawberry season is very short. At that time, no one is permitted on The Berry Patch property as it is a private residence.

You can schedule your shoot by messaging us through facebook at