Seasonal Attractions

Wildflower Walk at The Berry Patch

Farmer Steve established Wildflower Walk at The Berry Patch in 2020. He intended it as a way to give beauty and hope to our visitors during the dark days of the Pandemic. Four years on, Wildflower Walk has become a much anticipated seasonal attraction at The Berry Patch. 

Wildflower Walk features an assortment of colorful blossoms and native plants that bloom naturally in a solid mat. Farm helpers create winding pathways through the stunning array of wildflowers, giving our visitors a truly immersive natural experience.The number of paths change yearly as do our assortment of wildflowers.

Wildflower Walk is a place of comfort, wonder, peace and renewal! Experience Wildflower Walk free when you are visiting The Berry Patch.

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Sunflower Stroll at The Veggie Stand

The Veggie Stand opens first week of June 2024!

Come see our stellar Sunflowers. You can stroll through and take photos with our sunflower stars!!!

There’s a tale that sunflowers, when the weather is cloudy, will turn their faces to each other to share energy. We know that’s been debunked, but isn’t it a lovely thought? That in times of stress, anxiety and other cloudy things, a sunflower finds comfort in the company of others. That’s a nice lesson in this confusing world, don’t cha think?